SIGMA Electric PLC was established in 1999 on the foundation of a small electromechanical company called Remake Engineering by ten Senior Professional Electrical Engineers having substantial exposure to modern electromechanical business techniques, who shared similar vision. Since its establishment SIGMA Electric has grown tremendously to become the leading electromechanical company in Ethiopia.

The company was engaged in the electromechanical business specifically in three business areas: Contracting, assembly & fabrication and trading. Since 2012 the company has decided to split its Departments into independent

SBU’s. AccordinglySIGMAELECTRICy the following three companies were created. SIGMA Engineering products and solutions.

Sigma  evolution (SEPAS) which focuses on electrical trading business and electrical boards assembly, SIGMA Manufacturing, which focuses on the manufacturing of plastic products

and step by step other products, SIGMA Electric which focuses on the construction of electromechanical plants in the Power Sector, Industrial sector, water sector and railway sector.

SIGMA ELECTRIC PLC currently has well disciplined 211 permanent staffs, out of which:

  • 7 . Management Group
  • 18 – Professional Engineers
  • 15 –   Associate Engineers
  • 120 –   College Diploma Graduates, Vocational Diploma Graduates, in the technical fields
  • The remaining are Support Staff of various disciplines.

The company also frequently outsources various appropriate professionals for the implementation of projects and establishment of different systems and carrying out training sessions.