Business area


Electrical and Mechanical design, supply and erection works of Power Plants (Hydro, thermal Wind, solar, Diesel).High-Voltage-35-110kv-Power-Transmission-Distribution-Transformer-Step-Down-Furnace-Transformer-110kv-Voltage-Regulating-Power-Oil-Immersed-Power-Transform

  • Construction of High voltage Transmission lines.
  • Construction of High voltage substations
  • Construction of Power distribution systems.
  • Construction of Renewable Energy supply systems.



  • Electrical and mechanical design, supply and erection works in industrial plants such as, manufacturing cement, sugar, metal, agricultural enterprises, agro processing plants.
  • Electrical and mechanical installation in commercial buildings, high rise buildings, real estates, universities , Airports, etc.


Capljina-water-supplyDesign, supply and erection of electromechanical works at:

  • Urban and rural water
  • supply system projects.
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pumping stations


rail_trackElectromechanical erection works of Railway Projects including:

  • Installation of rails
  • Installation of traction stations
  • Installation of traction lines
  • Construction of High Voltage Transmission Lines
  • Construction of High voltage substations.
  • Installation of control and communication systems.