Core Competencies

Competitive Advantage

coreSIGMA ELECTRIC PLC’s major competitive advantage is its work force. The coordinated efforts of our company’s dedicated management team and professional employees have made sigma’s objective to come true. Sigma Electric Plc. Recognize employees as the major asset of the Company and committing to motivate and satisfy this work force by upgrading their skill, competence and experience

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

SIGMA ELECTRIC PLC’s main strength is its visionary, professionally competent and committed management team, which has successfully brought the Company from a small electrical firm to the biggest electromechanical Company in the country

Quality Management System

Sigma electric plc has acquired ISO 9001:2008 certificate by ISOQAR of UK in October, 2008 and re-certified in October, 2011 and November 2014. The certification is valid up to October 23, 2017. Company Quality Control Procedures & Standards are detailed in a Quality Manual and their implementation is monitored by Top Management.

Plant and Facilities

Sigma electric plc is Head quartered in Addis Ababa near Megenagna Square on a 1700 m2 of land. The company has also a modern mechanical workshop at Akaki Kaliti Sub City on a 5147 m2 of land of which about 1000 m2 is covered with a hangar. Furthermore, Sigma has made a considerable investment on acquisition of essential workshop tools, equipments, machineries & vehicles.

Man Power

SIGMA electric plc’s major asset is its skilled, committed and motivated workforce. SIGMA is like a learning institution, where fresh graduates are molded and nurtured to become professionals in their respective fields within a very short time.
SIGMA electric plc currently employees 211 workers out of which 6 are management staff 18 are engineers131are technical workers and 56 are support staff.

CSR Policy

Our company has devised and implemented a CSR policy that is drafted as per the UN Global Impact CSR Policy The Policy covers a wide range of activities like: Human Rights, Labour Practices, Environment, Fair Business Practices, and Contribution to Community and Society.

Health and Safty

Sigma electric plc is committed to achieve a health and safety practices to its employees, and therefore has prepared a Health and Safety Policy Manual and appointed a Safety Officer. Both management and staff have the responsibility and obligation to comply with the Health and Safety Policy and to adhere to the implementation of this safety policy in the workplace.