Health and Safety Policy

This policy is intended to communicate to all sigma employees the importance of Health and Safety in the work place. It is the policy of this company that its operations are executed with primary importance to good health, safety and the welfare of all its employees. It also aims to provide the highest standards of health and the safety for all present on site. This policy gives guidance to all employees regarding sigma  safety standards.

safSigma Management is committed to practice a “Zero Tolerance Accident Policy” throughout its operations in all projects.  The Management will ensure that all its employees are adequately trained in safe working practices and that, health & safety awareness is maintained on sites at all times.

The Management is committed to constantly provide a safe work place environment for all its employees and sub-contractors from the preliminary stage to the completion stage of a project. Through regular maintenance and training, the management will ensure the provision of a safe working environment, high quality equipment, machineries and tools to its employees. The management will also ensure that it provides skilled and trained co-workers to all its employees.

Sigma is committed to accept all local and international laws that refer to the health and safety of its employees at sites that are currently in force and those that may arise in the future.

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness of a continued safe working environment at Sigma.